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Business trends of 2016

Every day new trends change the market. We collected several of them, which, to our opinion, influence business processes of this year.

1.    Freelance economy

Nowadays more and more companies use freelance force for different tasks, such as  data collection and analyses, design and digital. Even middle and top management prefers to work as a freelancer.

This is a positive trend for business and it will continue to  grow over the next years. Freelancers work not for time, but for the result. Does it matter for you in which city  your designer develops creative layouts?

Todays' technologies help to build effective eco-system with special programs and apps, you can text messages or call from each part of the world. As a company you hire a freelancer for one very specific project and so you can search for someone who is highly skilled in that specific area.

2. Smart start-ups
Business approach to investments is also facing some changes. Investors monitor and analyze the cases much more accurate. But start-ups are cutting costs too. Many entrepreneurs prefer to build lean businesses, creating meaningful products, and growing organically. They are more independent from investors and can take decisions faster. The number of such companies will also occur in the future.

3. Generation Z
Generation Z, today's teens and young adults born after 1995, are open-minded and independent, they speak a foreign language and grown up gadgets friendly. Gen Z are confident self-starters, loyal, open-minded and less motivated by money.

They want work that has meaning. They want an outlet of their ideas to get head. Gen Z thrives on frequent communication and feedback.  Learn how to work with them to win in the future.

4. Effectiveness
Effectiveness gains more meaning today. Employees do not feel attached to the working place. They know that you can work everywhere, where there is a wi-fi spot. Getting the result is the core. New product and services become smarter, their functionality helps to develop better results in business.

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